8 Easy DIY Lollipops (No Thermometer Required)


Candy-making is a tricky thing. It involves a thermometer, which suggests precision is necessary. Not “suggests,” precision IS necessary. I’m not precise. So I very much appreciate shortcut candymaking. All of these lollipops need no thermometer to make, leave no impossible-to-clean-sticky mess on pans, and they are easy even to do with the kids.


I made these striped lollies from Jolly Ranchers, yikes, four years ago! and they were a huge hit, HERE at the decorated cookie.

Here’s another idea from Jolly Ranchers, and an updated version out of LifeSavers.

This is incredible. A huge lollipop from candy canes, at Doodle Craft.

Make smart candy from Airheads at Studio DIY.

Recycle broken candy at Oh My! Handmade Goodness.

These are actually made by my daughter. I use this method a lot with her and her friends. Find them HERE, and use any color candy melts.

The same concept, with chocolate (I’ve done this a lot, too, so yummy and easy), HERE at Home Made Simple.


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