10 Alternative Ways to Eat S’mores


S’mores. Summer. In this job, I see a LOT of s’mores this time of year. A lot. And not the classic graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate, campfire kind, but the elements of s’mores reconfigured into something you might not expect. (Or maybe you food savvy folks DO expect these new ways to eat s’mores, as you, like me, see a LOT of s’mores. Thank you, Pinterst. But I bet spaghetti is new, right?) Here are a few alternative ways to eat your s’mores, some easier, some more complicated, all with the essentials.



No, seriously, someone made s’mores spaghetti. Make s’mores spaghetti at Dude Foods.

Make them easily in bar form at From Calculus to Cupcakes.

Yum, double yum. Make s’mores pretzels at Milk and Honey.

Did I already say yum? Make a frozen s’mores shake at Lunchboxbunch.com.

Make s’mores dip at Skinny Not Skinny.



Drink your s’mores in martini form at CopyCake Cook.

Forget the heat. Make no-bake s’mores truffles at Carla’s Confections.

This easy switch of marshmallows makes s’mores festive for the 4th, at MomDot.com.

When in doubt, add bacon. Make bacon s’mores at the tastespotting blog.

I almost forgot I made these. Make cake pop s’mores at the decorated cookie.

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